There were several winners at this quilt show that I quilted and they are pictured here to the left.  Each picture is captioned with the owner’s name and the ribbon they received.  Honors include, Best of Show and 1st in Category to Debra Nichlaus; Honorable Mention & Best Machine Quilting to Ramona Griffin; First in category, Heritage Award, Honorable Mention and Judge’s Choice awards to Shirley Gentry; 3rd place to Cindy Vana; 2nd Place and Honorable Mention to Glenda Williams; First in Category to Renee Watts; First in Category and Honorable Mention to Susie LaCroix,  and  Honorable Mention to Kitty Miller and Stacey Napier; and 2nd place and Most Creative to Michael Jones.  Congratulations to all these talented winners!!!

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